Mass Schedule



 Monday of Holy Week - March 30th

8:00 am—Mass at St. Francis

5-7 pm—Adoration & Confessions at St. Peter

6-7 pm—Adoration & Confessions at St. Mary, St. Francis & Sacred Heart

Tuesday of Holy Week - March 31st
7:00 am—Mass at St. Peter

5-8 pm—Adoration at St. Francis

Wednesday of Holy Week - April 1st

8:00 am—Mass at St. Francis

5-7 pm—Adoration at St. Francis

 7–8 pm at St. Mary Church

Lenten Reflection on the “Last Seven Words of Christ”

Please join us for an hour of the scripture reflection, prayer and Eucharistic adoration focused on the last seven words of Christ on the cross as mentioned in the Gospels of Luke, Mark and John. A brief reflection on each of the seven scripture passages will be offered by members of the Cluster’s clergy. A time for prayerful reflection will occur between each reading.

Holy Thursday - April 2nd

(No morning Mass)

7:00 pm—Mass of the Lord’s Supper  at St. Peter Church

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament follows until 10:00 pm

7:00 pm—Mass of the Lord’s Supper  (Spanish) at St. Francis

Good Friday - April 3rd

(No morning Mass)

12 noon—Stations of the Cross at Sacred Heart Church

Celebration of  the  Lord’s Passion:

3:00 pm—St. Peter Church

7:00 pm—St. Francis Church (Spanish)


Holy Saturday - April 4th

(No morning Mass)

10:30 am—Blessing of Food at Sacred Heart Church

8 pm—Easter Vigil Mass  at St. Peter Church

8 pm—Easter Vigil Mass  (Spanish) at St. Francis Church

Easter Sunday - April 5th

Regular Sunday Mass Schedule except

there is NO 5:30pm Mass



Regular Mass Schedule

Saturday Vigil: 4:00pm at St. Peter / 5:00pm at St. Francis

Sunday: 7:00am at St. Francis / 8:00am at St. Peter

9:00am at Sacred Heart / 10:15am at St. Francis / 10:30am at St. Peter

11:45am at St. Mary / 12:00 noon Spanish Mass at St. Peter / 5:30pm at St. Peter

Weekday Masses: Mon., Wed., Fri., 8:00am at St. Francis

Tues., Thurs., 7:00am, & Saturday 8am at St. Peter

Mondays: 5:00 - 7:00pm at St. Peter / Saturdays: 2:30 - 3:30pm at St. Francis

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